iDEAHUB Launches Training Seminars!

The Centre of innovation and entrepreneurship iDEAHUB at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) is launching training seminars to support new teams in innovation idea development. During the trainings it is planned to discuss methods for developing the conceptual design of an idea or research model, identifying, analysing and defining solutions to problem situations, methodological processes for the development of innovative products or services, innovation process, business model design tools, research design, choice of methods and etc. If you have an idea you want to realize, join the next round of admission, receive funding of up to 11,000 euros and...

Four More iDEAHUB Grant Winner Teams Have Been Announced!

Four more teams at the Transport and Telecommunication Institute (TSI) were announced this week as part of the project “Grants for Students Innovations”, runned by TSI’s iDEAHUB – Centre of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The iDEAHUB project will develop the Railway Maintenance Web-platform for railway operations, storing and analysing railway maintenance data using computer vision. An APDoc application will also be developed to automate the processing of image documentation collection, sorting and reporting for freight forwarder companies. A very important project for society, Volkirion, is being developed – a device for blind people that will allow them to remotely sense objects using sensors and haptic display....

Another Perspective on Innovation Efforts

By Jānis VolbertsHead of at TSIFounder of HAVE A TREE Here are two major practical insights for students, entrepreneurs, and facilitators operating in the innovation ecosystem based on my 15+ years of experience and observations in the EU, US, South-East Asia, and Africa. I find it necessary to say loud and clear my current thoughts as global and individual innovation efforts will have much higher impact and profits if we dare to pivot, experiment and sensibly employ our know-how to help interconnected communities and the planet. I urge you to rethink the race towards another slightly better microcredit fin-tech...

Design Thinking course (online)

Please register for Design Thinking course at iDEAHUB.LV, led by Charles Jean Bernard Bourrier. The course starts on May 2nd and takes place every Monday at 16.00 till June 20th. The course is free of charge. The following topics will be covered – Introduction to design thinking Introduction to user experience Introduction to solution management Materialization of the solution Practice Certificates will be issued to participants who will attend at least 80% of all the classes.

New call for applicants

TSI iDEAHUB announces 2nd competition of innovation projects’ applications – we invite you to get acquainted with the OPEN CALL DOCUMENTS and apply for a consultation by writing to . ANY STUDENT at a university, high school, vocational school or college can apply for the competition. To apply, you must choose an innovation idea from the Idea Bank or offer your own idea. A successful project requires the creation of a team, as well as the mandatory selection of a supervisor. Registered users of the iDEAHUB portal have access to the list of supervisors, Idea Bank and several other...

Our third team

iNNovatic will develop a prototype of a complex that automatically evaluates the compliance of the parameters of manufactured parts and structures with specifications and accuracy, based on a non-contact approach. Essentially idea is to create manufacturing details acceptance control technology that would replace regular usage of hand-held measuring instruments, reduce human-factor in the acceptance process and automate manual and routine work in at enterprises.