iDEAHUB: Start-Up Pitching & Awards Event

On November 30th, the final presentation of TSI’s iDEAHUB will take place, within the “Tech Industry 2023” expo. The teams of young entrepreneurs will showcase their start-up’s. Additionally, the three top-rated teams will be awarded innovation grants of 5,000, 3,000, and 1,000 euros.

TSI invites everyone interested to attend the iDEAHUB project presentation and awards ceremony, where attendees will have the opportunity to learn about projects such as:

  • 3D printed plant pots with automatic watering function;
  • an app for tracking public transport and the total number of people on it;
  • a mobile application for dog frisbee event organizers
  • a smart electric power project: a hydro turbine with adjustable blades

and other projects based on innovative ideas!

When: November 30th, 11 a.m.
Where: Tech Industry 2023, Kipsala’s International Exhibition Centre, 2nd floor

Throughout the iDEAHUB project, young people had the opportunity to receive funding of up to 11,000 euros to develop their project ideas, and each student received a scholarship for six months. The young participants attended various seminars and workshops, while simultaneously competing for the main cash prizes.

Within the iDEAHUB project implementation, students actively work to solve technical problems and identify the business potential in themselves, and that significantly changes their motivation, perception and application of learning.

Head of iDEAHUB, Jānis Volberts.

By involving young people in innovation development, we create a value chain, giving students the opportunity to deeply understand the modern world’s challenges and problems, find solutions by collaborating with industry representatives and experts, as well as, of course, create products to improve the quality of life in society.

TSI Research Administration Department Head, Vladimirs Petrovs.

The presentation of innovative student projects at the “Tech Industry” (international exhibition in the fields of mechanical engineering, metalworking, automation, electronics, and new technologies) is highly valuable for all – students, industry, and businesses. Such inclusive collaboration promotes innovation development and provides opportunities for young talents to receive support and recognition in their field – solving real problems by offering new products for the country’s economy, gaining experience in project presentation and networking with professionals and entrepreneurs from the industry, and potentially obtaining funding for the development of their projects and entrepreneurship.

In my view, the idea of iDEAHUB is a great way for young people who are taking their first steps in science and innovation to gain practical experience in project implementation. Testing their abilities, facing real life challenges and gaining experience in a safe environment with relatively minimal risks, which can reduce the number of mistakes in the future when working on larger projects with higher investments and risks. Fantastic workframe. I wish good luck to all the participants. founder and partner, iDEAHUB jury member, Reinis Točelovskis.

I think that the iDEAHUB project gave young people a positive stimulus and motivation to engage in research work in addition to the learning process and try to apply their knowledge in the development of new products and solutions. The project has definitely brought positive experience to the participants, incl. valuable experience to cooperate with students of other specialties, to think not only about technical solutions, but also their economic validity. Working on developing prototypes to solve various real-life problems gave the youth a great opportunity to learn by doing. Sometimes the set goals were too ambitious and difficult to achieve, but such situations also provide valuable experience and, hopefully, will give additional incentive in future work.

Chairman of the Association of Mechanical Engineering and Metalworking Industries MASOC, Toms Grīnfelds.

The iDEAHUB Business Incubator project, in which young people create innovative solutions for society, environment, or business, is implemented within the framework of the European Regional Development Fund project “Transport and Telecommunication Institute’s Innovation Grants for Students” / iDEAHUB (No. It is aimed at both a contemporary approach to education and providing support for inspiring ideas from young people.

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