7 iDEAHUB teams will pitch their innovation projects at September 16th

1. Railway Maintenance Platform (RMP) team develops web platformfor railway operations, storing and analysing railway maintenance data using computer vision.

2. APDoc team develops an application to automate the processing of image documentation collection, sorting and reporting for freight forwarder companies.

3. Volkirion team develops a device for blind people that will allow them to remotely sense objects using sensors and haptic display.

4. MyCompany team develops of a chatbot and a voice robot, which will be able to provide information about bus schedules and door-to-door route planning, using various vehicle types for Riga International Coach Terminal.

5. iNNovatic team develops a prototype of a technology that automatically evaluates the compliance of the parameters of manufactured parts and structures with specifications and accuracy, based on a non-contact approach, replacing regular usage of hand-held measuring instruments, reducing human-factor in the acceptance process and automating manual and routine work in at enterprises.

6. DiPROGer team develops low-cost drone system for multipurpose services integration, capable for example to monitor agriculture land or count trees. The core of the system is a platform available and simple to use for all sectors of the national economy: from a small family farm up to critical infrastructure service providers.

7. The Metroble team from the Valmiera State Gymanasium develops a semi-automated robot that will assist in cleaning and maintaining the territories.

iDEAHUB supports teams by providing funding for project development, prototype development, scholarships for team members, as well as offers free training, participation in master classes and encourages the involvement of business partners, within the project “Transport and Communication Institute Innovation Grants for Students”.