Bank of Ideas

Solution for the energy system by Advanced Ditech

Task – To develop solar panels which make electricity, cooled by water and that water warmed and use for a house (using new or using panels). To develop capillary mats which is used for warming and cooling house, electricity heat pump for maintaining the right temperature, and mobile system for control with client account for service desk from us.

Corpus of the mobile network monitoring equipment for the safe usage and market-ready look

Task – To develop a corpus or hull for Global IoT mobile network operator company 1NCE Latvia SIA, that ensures optimal protection and look as well as feasability for potential production. Within the corpus 5 modems with SIM cards un Raspberry Pi should be located for monitoring and data processing purposes.

Refrigerator with robotics elements that issue pre-cooked meals at the lobbies of newly developed apartments

Task – To develop an automatic refrigerator that would issue selected meal after the electronic payment. Further functionality can be expanded with application development to look for the closest meal according to clients taste and location.

AAF LAB, LTD. Robot Barista

Task – to make a replacement for a coffee maker by a robot system as affordable solution with potential for MVP

ArgentoLab, LTD. Software interface for Autostainer

Task – to develop the intuitive and interactive user centered software specifically designed to ensure the improvement of the workflow of the staining protocol preparation, testing and staining process itself

ArgentoLab, LTD. Payment solution on blockchain

Task – to develop the most gas efficient solution that allows accepting payments to smart contract addresses

ArgentoLab, LTD. Reagent intersection and storage module for Multiplex IHC Autostainer

Task – develop an efficient cooling solution with an auto-stainer reagent module, and ensure that the liquid is processed into other modules for staining

Development and integration of Jaguar V4 mobile manipulator arm

Development and integration of Jaguar V4 mobile manipulator arm to autonomously grasp objects that include mobile navigation towards the objects.

Automated sorting of post office deliveries

Detection of randomly distributed post office packages and pick up with an industrial robot.

Solutions that include autonomous mobile robot navigation

1) Human and mobile robot collaboration. Logistics solution where mobile robot follows human to help to succeed at a given task, for example, assisting a human in a warehouse for collecting a set of products to complete a delivery order. 2) Autonomous transportation of goods from one workplace to another. The robot should autonomously navigate in a complex environment while avoiding dynamic obstacles. 3) Helping humans to navigate in shopping malls. The focus is on Human-Machine interaction to understand and interpret the human communication that combines robot navigation in shopping malls.


Task – To improve robots for wind energy turbines and blade care (inspections, cleaning and repair services)

Metalworking and mechanical engineering

Task – To develop “green” components and more environment friendly technologies

Hyperloop technologies & opportunities

Task – To study concepts and development of components for hyperloop technologies and feasibility studies.


Tasks – 1) To develop unified database of court decisions in criminal and/or civil/or administrative cases 2) To develop mechanism for recognizing the scientific value of information materials on political science and sociology 3) To develop a single database to inform consumers about the conditions for the purchase, operation and care of clothing and footwear. 4) To develop legal analysis tool for the content of contracts Data analysis and visualisation in construction sector

Task – To improve further data analysis and visualisation in construction sector

Advanced DiTech

Task – To develop integrated product to manage the life cycle of a construction project from development to disposal of a property. The solution consists of 3 main subsystems. Common environment based on BIM360 AutoDesk cloud services, ERP systems, and BMS systems. The technology stack consists of: 1.Programming Pyton 3, JS 2.Data transmission IoT, RS-485, Modbus, M-bus, LoRaWan 3. Microelectronics, PLC 4. Development of Web and mobile applications. 5. BIM modelling, creation of Digital

Riga International Coach Terminal JSC

Tasks – 1) To create a chatbot capable of providing information about bus timetables in Latvian. 2) To create a Voicebot capable of providing information about bus timetables in Latvian. 3) To create an App capable Door-to-Door route planning using various vehicle types.

HistoOne AB Medical data analysis

Task – To develop the design of the webpage, convenient for users for flexible data representation and interactive analysis (cancer – immunology related data)


Task – To develop system for the provision and planning of the fleet of electric vehicles, logistics of replacement / exchange of batteries.

TTS, LTD Production of the equipment for transhipment of bulk cargo and large-sized steel structures

Task – To develop a complex solution that automatically evaluates the compliance of the parameters of manufactured parts / structures with specifications and quality standards, based on a non-contact method.

SIZZAPP, LTD Road security service platform for motorcyclists

Task – To develop new useful technical features based on GPS device or Bluetooth Sensor possibilities.  To develop useful in-app functions for SIZZAPP users or new ways of attracting and uniting people around SIZZAPP solutions.

Šajās projektu uzsaukumā ideju pieteicēji (studenti un vidusskolas skolēni) ir aicināti iesniegt pieteikumus šādos tematiskajos virzienos:

  • Informācijas un komunikācijas tehnoloģijas;
  • Digitālā sabiedrība un transformācija;
  • Viedā loģistika un transports;

un specifiski šajās jomās (bet neizslēdzot citas tēmas):

  • robotika;
  • IT;
  • mākslīgais intelekts un komponenti;
  • attēlu apstrāde un atpazīšana;
  • uz modelēšanas balstīto sistēmu analīze un projektēšana;
  • droni un autonomās sistēmas;
  • aviācija un digitalizācijas procesi, digitālie dvīņi;
  • aizsardzības un drošības sistēmas;
  • zemvirsmas skenēšanas radaru sistēmas;
  • lietu internets/iegultās sistēmas;
  • skenēšanas sistēmas;
  • aditīvās ražošanas tehnoloģijas;
  • u.c.